• Meet The Chefs!

    We not only serve amazing food. We inspire others through our unique and courageous stories.


    Chef Anthony


    Anthony Henderson grew up in Warren, Ohio, but felt the need to uproot himself and live elsewhere. Cooking was his passion and his way of expression, and he knew that he would succeed wherever he'd go. With this in mind and with his family's support, he set his sights on Charlotte, North Carolina.


    At an early age, Chef Anthony was diagnosed with Autism. To many, learning that they are on the Autistic spectrum is a setback, but to Anthony it is his superpower. Through cooking, he is able to meditate, focus, and creatively express himself in ways that are truly unique.


    Chef Anthony learned from the best and the brightest in the culinary industry in Charlotte, NC. He worked in various settings, from professional kitchens, to food trucks, to movie production studios. Anthony picked up new techniques everywhere he worked, and added a twist to make his dishes one-of-a-kind.


    Chef Anthony is a kind-hearted and open minded individual who wants to use his craft to spread knowledge, love and understanding. He plans to use The Chefs LLC as an enrichment program, to provide people who have disabilities, with meditation techniques, new skills and new knowledge in the form of cooking.


    Big Spoon and a Bigger Heart,

    Chef Anthony




    Chef Albert


    Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chef Albert always had an affinity for cooking. He felt it to be a meditative experience that allowed him to escape into a world of flavor and creativity.


    From birth, Chef Albert dealt with Kidney failure and the sickness that results. He has received 2 Kidney transplants in his life thus far, and will likely need more in his future. His struggles with sickness from an early age, led him to pursue a Doctorate in Medicine, as he wanted to become a Pediatrician.


    However, after realizing his bright future in the culinary industry doing what he loves, he transferred from UNC Charlotte to the prestigious Johnson and Wales University. Shortly after graduating, Albert met Anthony in 2018 and thereafter, they collaborated together, with the idea in mind of not working for anyone else but themselves. The following year, KD joined the cohort and in 2019, The Chefs LLC was born.


    Chef Albert is a kind and gentle soul with a gleaming smile and a fun personality. His warmth spreads to everyone that he meets, especially in the food that he cooks.


    Cooking with Compassion,

    Chef Albert




    Chef KD


    Kearston "KD" Edwards was born and raised in Thomasville, Georgia with a large, and happy family. KD always had an affinity for cooking, but felt that he needed direction in his life. Thus in 2010 he joined the US Army.


    Based out of Fort Hood, Texas, KD completed 2 tours in Afghanistan. During his second tour, he and a few members of his platoon fell victim to a roadside suicide bomb during a transit operation. Luckily, he and the team survived, but they were all treated immediately for life-threatening injuries. For his valiance and resiliency, KD was awarded the Purple Heart and was Honorably Discharged from his duties.


    Following a 4 year stint with the Army, KD worked in construction for some time while attending school at Johnson and Wales University. KD graduated with prestigious accolades, and was ready to focus on building his own personal brand.


    In 2019, KD joined Albert and Anthony on their journey with The Chefs LLC. Now a father, in addition to the service that he provides to his community, he aspires to create a legacy to leave behind for his son.


    Honorable, Loving and Resilient,

    Chef KD